Notice: If anyone would like a specific name for a trust or customized please or fill out the form below and a trust will be made with the name you want. The name will not be used for anyone else and the trustee will have the copyright on the name and logo.

The trust includes but not limited to:

1: Trust Logo

2: Trust agreement and articles.

3: 6 books that explain step by step on what a trust is and how it operates.

4: A step by step process on how to protect the assets of the trust and a process on how to publish the existence of the trust and other attributes of the trust.  (Non-disclosure)

5: How to write trust minutes and the format for trust meetings.

6: 30 minute online consultation to discuss trust structure and other subject matter.

and many other benefits that can be disclosed to the member after membership and trustee establishment.

Once the trust is created Genoa Holdings, PMA will send the link to the download where a fee of 300.00 USD is required to download the newly formed inter-vivos trust.There are no refunds once the trust is downloaded.

There are many places where trusts can be electronically created for about 50 bucks. However, you always get what you pay for on the net plus there is no one to speak to and answer questions. Further, the trust is limited to a simple contract with the trustee wherein the trust benefits are completely ignored.

To get started fill out the form below.

Family Private Membership Association-Constitution and By Laws. 150.00 USD

Family Package includes:

1: Family Constitution and By Laws.

2: Three Courses: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced.

3: Great for resolving Child Protective Service issues, Home Schooler Operations and Everyday protection for your family.

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1: Private Trust with 6 booklet course.

2: Family Private Membership Association Constitution and By Laws and Three courses- “Beginner”-“Intermediate” and “Advanced”.

3: One hour consultation for Private Trust Structure and Family Private Membership Association Structure.

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