Advertise on VidTower!


1: Businesses are welcome to advertise on VidTower for a mere 25.00 USD per month, 135.00 USD for 6 months or 240.00 USD per year.

2: Advertising means that the business logo will be placed into the Carousel on the right of every page of the VidTower website 24-7 for each month.

3: The business owner may cancel at anytime, however the month already paid for will not be refunded. The cancellation will begin on the beginning of the next month.

4: After the business owner pays the fee, the authorized person authorized to speak on behalf of or owns the intellectual property of the logo sends a .jpg or .png of the business logo to: and your logo will be added to the carousel at the beginning of the next month.

5: VidTower does not obtain any intellectual property claim to the business logo, however the business owner does grant an easement on the logo to VidTower  so VidTower has the right and authorization to place the logo in the carousel on the right of all pages on this particular website: under these terms.

6: When payment is made, the terms above are binding on both parties to the agreement.


VidTower warrants that the logo will not be used in anyway other than under the terms stated above. VidTower does not guarantee that the investment made by the business owner in advertising on the VidTower website will result in a return for that investment. However, VidTower does advertise the VidTower website wherein the business owner will benefit from that effort made by VidTower to gain more users on the VidTower website.

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