Dog Tags made out of wood!

Genoa Holdings, PMA has been expanding into other areas making dog tags made out of wood. New Hobby! You are probably thinking the same thing we did “Is my dog going to eat the wooden dog tag”. So we did a little test. The little dog could not have a tag because she could reach the tag on her collar. Yes, she was chewing on it.  The bigger dog, still has wooden tag on after 9 months and you can still read it. If the dog is bigger, (15 pounds or more) the wooden dog tags work like a charm, if the dog is smaller, sorry won’t work for them.  


The name of the dog or cat and the phone number of the owner is engraved into the tag. An eye lit is placed in the hole to strengthen it. The eye lit is really not needed however it does cut down on wear and tear. The tag is covered with a clear finish when the lazer engraving is completed.

Dog Tags can cost up to 18 dollars for metal and the clanging is very irritating to the owners when their dogs start scratching. Some owners place electrical tape around the tags to cut down on the noise.

The wooden dog tags are quiet and perform the same purpose.

These dog tags are 8.50 USD per dog tag.  You can order 2 dog tags for 12.50 USD and 3 dog tags for 15.50 USD and so on as marked below.

The shipping time is within 7 days of the order. Fill out the order form below and we will get those tags to you as soon as possible. We are animal lovers and understand what it feels like when they get out and bolt. It feels like a nightmare! Don’t worry, the information in the form will not be sold in anyway nor will it be shared with anyone. You can check out the privacy policy on this website and we really just want to sell dog tags, trusts and private membership associations. Staying honest about what we do is the best policy.

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