Consultation Services


If you would like to attend the Genoa Holdings, PMA  online consultation meeting please purchase a ticket below:

Genoa Holdings, PMA will show how minutes are formed and the organization of a family private membership association and how to defend your trust and private membership association. The member ticket holders will learn the maximum protection for business structure.

 Recordings of the consultation are available under a strict non-disclosure agreement. The recording is for the member ticket holder only. This insures the privacy and protection of the member ticket holder for their business and family.

 Each hour will have a fee of 25.00 USD per hour attached thereto.

 If there are any questions, please email:

The Genoa Holdings Team

Please fill out the contact form to let Genoa Holdings, PMA when you will be available; LINK

Please leave multiple times when you are available in the comment box on the contact page. 

Notice: Business Private Membership Associations are more complicated and time consuming. Please go to the contact page to schedule a  consultation when the subject matter is with business private membership associations for the purpose of selling products to its members.