The Minutes of the Meeting is the most important part of operating a trust or a private membership association. There are only five organizations in the country that teach how a private membership association operates. 

However, in the early stages of operation of a private membership association(PMA), the minutes are the most difficult part because what is written could effect the by laws, the departments, and determine the direction of the PMA itself. The minutes can also mistakenly impart a nefarious intent when converted to a Public Notice because the people are hearing only part of the subject matter of the meeting. There is an art to writing minutes and it is time consuming because they can be used to change the structure of the PMA to a desired outcome.   

Genoa Holdings, PMA is offering the service of writing minutes for your private membership association for the variable fees set below.  By hiring Genoa Holdings, PMA for this service, you are granting Genoa Holdings, PMA limited access to your PMA as an independent contractor wherein your PMA is outsourcing the particular task of consulting. 

All information exchanged is under a strict non-disclosure wherein all information is by and between the parties so contracted for this particular service. 

Once the aforementioned service is accepted with payment, a conference call will be scheduled to ask the particulars of a desired outcome of the PMA so the service can be completed. 

The agreement starts with payment, the party of the first part will be contacted through email to schedule a conference call with the party of the second part and ends with delivery of the minutes of the meeting by the party of the second part to the party of the first part.  

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