Join Us-Membership Explained!

Welcome to Genoa Holdings, PMA!

There are different of types of memberships: 

1: Free membership of which you can start here: LINK

The Free membership allows you to join the free membership group and ask questions. 

2: Member Status: This membership is obtained by buying the Family PMA Package or a Trust: LINK

The member status does not qualify you for online courses, however you are invited to the members group. 

Notice: Buying the books does not qualify you for Member Status. 

3: Scholar/Subscriber membership is explained here:

Please review the Terms and Conditions before subscribing: CLICK HERE!

4: Guest Membership: This type of membership does not qualify you for the trust or pma classes, however you can take the Law of Nations courses and pay as you go. 

Registration for Guest Membership is in the payment process for the desired course. Guest Members are not obligated to pay the monthly fee for Scholar Member status. Scholar Member status gives you access to all courses and new courses for a monthly fee. 

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