Why is a Private Membership Association right for me or maybe you?

A PMA does not need any authority or permission, of any kind whatsoever, from any government for its creation or in order for it to continue to exist and function.

A PMA is created by and exists upon the contract authority and power that people have reserved for themselves.

PMA members are free to exchange any information whatsoever on any topic they choose and can speak or write about, listen to, or read any information, use or obtain any information, product, or service on any terms agreeable to any member who chooses to provide that information, product, or service within the private membership association.

PMAs are under no general lawful/legal obligation to recognize any statutory title of public competency,
education or training (licensed persons/experts).

Public Law, Regulations and internal Rules of administrative agencies that regulate the public do not generally reach a PMA because they would impair, impede, obstruct or defeat the PMA members’ ability to discuss, hear, read or speak about, print, obtain and use things which may be prohibited to be disclosed to or used by the public unless the private membership association commits a nefarious act which means some form of human rights violation or evil act against another human.

A PMA generally falls outside the jurisdiction of Public Law, Regulations and internal Rules of administrative agencies including, but not limited to, the Public Law that created the FDA and other agencies.

A Private Membership Association is men and woman collectively asserting and standing upon their secured perfect rights to assemble and associate; their reserved authority; their per-existing claim to absolute authority and control over the health of their own body, mind and spirit and rights (hereinafter collectively referred to simply as “rights”) A PMA functions by the members acting as people, in their real private character and capacity,

“No State can make a law that impairs the obligation of a contract”​ and therefore is without jurisdiction.


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