Notice: If anyone would like a specific name for a trust or customized please and a trust will be made with the name you want. The name will not be used for anyone else even if you change your mind.

The trusts formed have the following:

1: The trust name
2: The trust logo
3: Trust Articles
4: General Instructions
5: Six 3 to 4 page books to explain what a trust is and how it operates.
6: The trust has a 30 day membership in Genoa Holdings, PMA for general questions.
7: Information on a free copyright to the trust without further obligations or having to sign up for anything else.
8: The Trust can be downloaded right away after payment process is complete.
9: These trusts are private revocable inter-vivos (living) trusts. The most secure type of trusts available.

Each trust is available one time to one person, so if there is a name you like, you might want to get it right away because it will not be available again!  One unique trust for each person!

Please email if you are interested in a private trust and an agent will be assigned to answer all questions.