Posted: 12-16-2014

What being a member of Genoa Holdings means to me and how it has affected my way of life.

Learning to run a Trust or PMA can be quite a daunting task, not to mention keeping it maintained in order for it to continue to operate smoothly and keep it from getting into any serious trouble.

Don’t fear, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn the ins and outs of the Trust/PMA world. However, it does take a lot of serious time of studying and disciplining yourself into becoming more of a dedicated, organized and resourceful man or woman.

Some people may say that one only creates a Trust or PMA to get out of this or that, but what it really does is teach one how to live their life in honor and stay in honor. It is very easy to live in dishonor but it takes a lot of work and due diligence to stay in honor, just like it is much easier to destroy than it is to create.

Learning to operate a Trust or PMA teaches one to learn who they are, when they are. Meaning that part of this training is being able to keep yourself, the man or woman, at arm’s length from the entity that happens to be operating at that time.

One needs to learn that staying in honor means staying free which means one must accept full liability and responsibility for ones actions, that is why one needs to know who you are: when you are in any given situation.

Learning, starting and running a Trust or PMA is not just a way to keep your business at arm’s length but is a way of life that if done properly will transform one from a apathetic, lazy and unfocused drone into a man or woman with a purpose and zeal for living life in a way you were meant.

Genoa Holdings helps to guide one into that life style so that one can have the opportunity to experience at least one day of true freedom.
For that The Oil Lamp Trust is truly grateful to Genoa Holdings for giving it that opportunity in a format that can be learned and understood in a logical and reasonable manner no matter what your initial educational background.

-The Oil Lamp Trust-



First and foremost, thank you to Genoa Holdings for the informative and thought provoking blog. Genoa Holdings has helped connect the dots and has shown a different perspective of the world around us.

The Estrella de Marbella Trust has been a member of Genoa Holdings for a couple of months now, and its knowledge base has experienced exponential growth. The strategically formulated courses provide the opportunity to learn at one’s own pace, while maximizing the information learned each step of the way.

The courses are simple in form; solid and effective at their core. They are easy to read, yet deep with meaning.

Excellent step by step courses are offered, from learning the basic components and structure, to how to operate and maintain the entity.

Whether it is a trust or a private membership association, the courses offer the ability to comprehend the intricacies of the entities and how to operate them.

The mental training involved, developed a new way of viewing and operating within this sphere, and has transformed into a mental awareness never experienced before.

Overall, we have learned and comprehend trusts and private membership associations beyond our expectations. For that, we are very thankful.

We highly recommend it to anyone who has thought about creating a trust or a private membership association but doesn’t have the knowledge or confidence, to anyone that has a lot of experience and education in these entities and could benefit from the advantage of a completely new perspective.

We have gained more from the courses offered by Genoa Holdings, than we ever would have from any other courses offered elsewhere; saving us thousands of dollars and valuable time. Thanks again!

The Estrella de Marbella Trust


One of the most empowering things you can do is create a trust. But many people do that everyday. It is the kind of trust you create that is the most empowering. I was one of those people who was feeling that I needed to go overseas and spend thousands of dollars to create a trust to protect my business and other assets that I have or may acquire along the way. It is true that if you create a trust within the United States that you leave yourself open to the government and U.S. Judges being able to do with your trust whatever they decide.

The good news is that when you work with Genoa Holdings they create an Inter-Vivos Trust for you which is outside of the jurisdiction of the United States. Not only that but Genoa Holdings teaches you how to run the trust. The way that you learn here is that you are forced to really think and understand the way you are suppose to run it.

But when you are finished you feel empowered because you now have the knowledge of how to run the trust but you also see how powerful the protection that the Inter-Vivos Trust provides is. And it costs you a lot less than paying someone overseas and hoping that the protection is half as good. I guarantee that you will be hard pressed to find a better trust anywhere because remember, your trust will be out of the jurisdiction of the United States, period

The Cane River Trust